Welcome to the World’s Most Spectacular Plants and How to Grow Themwebsite!

This project is about inspiring people’s passion and interest for plants!

Hi, my name is Stewart McPherson. I grew up obsessed with nature, but I especially loved plants. As a child, I had collections of bizarre, exotic and unusual plants on my windowsill and in my garden. I set up a terrarium and at the age of ten, all I wanted was a greenhouse to grow carnivorous plants with their intricate and deadly, but beautiful leaves.

Plants are incredible: from flowers that tower over two metres tall to iridescent leaves that sparkle electric blue. Some plants can survive in the most extreme corners of the planet and live for thousands upon thousands of years. A few plants catch and kill not only insects, but on rare occasions… even animals as big as rats. The diversity of plants is astounding… they come in virtually every shape, colour and form imaginable. We literally owe our lives to plants. Directly or indirectly, plants have sustained every human that has ever existed, and as the lungs of the Earth, animal life (including us!) could not survive without plants!

Yet why do so many people think plants are boring? The average punter in your local pub would much sooner talk about football than plants. Especially as an adult male, if I talk about how amazing plants are, the response is likely to be rolls of eyes, yawns of boredom and sometimes even ridicule.

Through this website, and the accompanying films and books I have created, I hope to showcase a dazzling array of spectacular plants to showcase, many of which you can grow at home!

Click on the links on the left to watch a film about each of the following groups of spectacular plants, and to explore dozens of images relating to each one!

Click on the “The books” link at the top to see the two books I have written:

One is aimed for adults and is titled The World’s Most Spectacular Plants and How to Grow Them (which will be released in late 2019).

The other is aimed for children and is titled Spectacular Plants and How to Grow Them – available now!

I really hope you will enjoy exploring this website and discovering the world’s most spectacular plants!

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