Beautiful Bromeliads

Bromeliads come in all shapes and sizes, and an almost unbelievable range of psychedelic colours! From tiny cushion species, to giant tree-sized Brocchinia, the towering Puya raimondii and the stories of sheep-killing Puya chiliensis. Three species are even carnivorous and kill insects… and on a few mountains, these species can completely dominate the landscape turning the mountain tops bright yellow.

Many thousands of bromeliads occur across the Americas, and just one single species in Africa. In South America, they cover tree branches and make exquisite pools for tree frogs. However despite all this diversity, there is just a single bromeliad that is edible to humans… the pineapple! We glimpse the pineapple’s little known flower and see how this bromeliad is easy to propagate at home.

We meet an expert bromeliad horticulturists and discover how to set up a “brom house” to grow an infinite rainbow of hybrids and cultivars sporting dazzlingly colours, shapes and spikes!

We also discover air plants, which are among the easiest of all bromeliads to grow… and do not even require soil! Coming in a range of shapes, including the really weird Tillandsia bulbosa, we encounter a giant Tillandsia hybrid and learn how to make Tillandsia ornaments!