Cool Cacti and Stunning Succulents

In this film, we discover why some areas of the world are completely devoid of plants (Deadflei and the Namibian desert) while other ecologically similar lands are filled with cacti, succulents and other highly-drought adapted plants.

We travel from the bizarre octopus tree forests of Madagascar to the cacti gardens of the Americas in search of spiny, species. Along the way, we learn why drought-adapted plants often have spines, what defines a cactus and some of the most unusual cacti creations: from epiphytes, the world’s spiniest cactus, and bizarre “spiral” cultivars.

In Africa, we meet Old World “cacti-look-a-likes” in Madagascan Euphorbia and we discover some of the most interesting drought-adapted plants of the world, including tree aloes, quiver trees, pebble plants (Lithops), window plants (Fenestraria), crystal plants (Hawthia) and living jewels (Titanopsis).

We discover why so many drought adapted plants have surprisingly large and colour flowers to compete in attracting the few pollinators that may be present in their habitats, and we discover how to grow the delicious dragonfruit’s bright pink fruit at home! Lastly, we discover how to easily propagate succulents enabling anyone to build a collection in no time!

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