The Project

The World’s Most Spectacular Plants project is intended to inspire people’s interest and appreciation for plants by encouraging the cultivation of interesting and unusual plant species at home.

The project consists of the following:

  • this website, as a central resource.
  • 14 specially-created films which are completely free to view online (via the links to the left).
  • A junior book designed for children called Spectacular Plants and How to Grow Them.
  • A book aimed for adult audiences called The World’s Most Spectacular Plants and How to Grow Them.

Resources for schools:

I particularly hope that this project may help inspire children’s interests in plants. All little ones are born with a sense of wonder and awe for the natural world. This raw enthusiasm and innocent curiosity for nature is infectious and wonderful. Do your remember seeing a spider web as a child, or being amazed by a flower opening?

Somehow, that simple passion often gets lost along the road to adulthood, especially during teenage years. But the more young minds can be opened and expanded to the amazing diversity and beauty of nature, the greater the chances we can help nurture the next generation of naturalists, scientists and conservationists, and create a future of caring and respecting for our world.

To this end, I feel honoured and am incredible grateful to the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation for generously funding the donation of one copy of my new children’s book Spectacular Plants and How to Grow Them to 10,000 UK primary schools, to help inspire around 4 million children’s passion for plants! Please see

This World’s Most Spectacular Plant project and website are intended to compliment Weird and Wonderful Pets ( please visit ).

Stewart McPherson